Patrol Division

Members of the uniform division patrol geographic zones and respond to, or initiate calls for service. They conduct preliminary investigations, enforce traffic laws, and make arrests as necessary to protect and serve the citizens of this community. The uniform patrol division contains four patrol shifts that work in twelve-hour increments. A lieutenant, sergeant and corporal supervise each shift. The patrol division also contains the traffic, motor, marine, and K-9 units.

The Patrol Division is responsible for policing approximately 17,000 residents and the 13 square miles which makes up the city of Vero Beach. The city limits are broken into three zones, which consist of east, west and beachside.

Traffic Unit
The Traffic Enforcement Unit operates under the direction of the patrol lieutenant and is directly responsible for enforcing all traffic related issues within the city limits of Vero Beach. The unit utilizes specialized traffic equipment such as laser radar guns and the computerized speed enforcement trailer. The unit is also responsible for investigating all traffic accidents and related fatalities within the city.

Motor Unit
The Vero Beach Police Department Motor Unit current primary function is traffic enforcement. This unit is also responsible for traffic crash investigation, escorts, parades, and other special events.

K-9 Unit
Canines have a long history in both police and military service.  The dog’s unique natural abilities and specific training make them an invaluable asset to all law enforcement agencies.  The Vero Beach Police Department currently uses 1 specially trained German Shepherd dog to work alongside their handler.  Our K-9 officer and their partner attended over 400 hours of specialized training in patrol work.  The dog receives additional training for specialized disciplines such as drug or bomb detection.  The canine in Vero Beach is dual certified in patrol and narcotics detection.

Marine Unit
One officer is assigned to patrol and police the waterways and beaches of our city. This officer operates a 20 foot police boat and is responsible for the enforcement of various state marine and boating laws, promoting water safety, and marine life preservation.

Critical Response Team (CRT)
The Critical Response Team (CRT) is a highly trained group of ten officers, all of whom are expertly proficient in the use of specialized tactics and sophisticated weapon systems. The CRT was created to solve concerns becoming more prevalent in contemporary society. Operating under the direction of the Captain and directly supervised by Lt. Matt Monaco, CRT services are used during activities seen as high risk or necessitating extraordinary levels of expertise to successfully manage.

Parking Enforcement
The Parking Enforcement Unit is responsible for enforcing state and local parking
laws. This responsibility includes both the mainland and beachside communities
within the corporate city limits of Vero Beach.

Animal Control
The Animal Control Officer is responsible for the enforcement of all city ordinances regarding domestic and exotic birds and animals. This Officer ensures that all citizens enjoy their pets, while still maintaining all responsibilities with regard to ownership. Animal Control is also responsible for maintaining a low stray animal population. The Animal Control Officer holds various certifications, including herpetology, as well as, instructing hunter education courses for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.